A downloadable game

A simple battle game. When the slime attacks, it uses an element and then becomes that element!

Z for the to player to attack .

M for the bottom player to attack. The mouse can be used also.

The timer is on the left and the game ends if a life bar is depleted or the time runs out.

Each element has a strength and a weakness.

If you hit the foe with the element that the foe is (fire vs fire) the foe gets healed! and vice versa of course.

Attack more frequently with the early and weaker attacks or wait longer for heavier hits.

Install instructions

The game is a .jar so you'll need Java Runtime Environment to play it on PC :T

Java Runtime Environment can be found here:


Can get it on Android now~


PrimeSlimev1.031.jar 6 MB
PrimeSlime v001.jar 6 MB

Also available on