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I finished the Unity tutorial!

With each wave, the asteroids will get a bit faster. The clones to the left and right of your player can die and it won't end the game. They don't come back! There's no sound.

wasd to move, left click to shoot.

Victory will be attained if you kill the ball going left and right!

Get a High Score or survive for a long time! Good luck and have fun~


Temporarily got rid of the clones. Added a slider that changes the rate of fire. but doesn't change the bullet damage yet~

Still no sound


Added a life bar to the boss. "Boss" moves side to side.

The fire rate and shot damage can be changed via slider on the right.

The asteroid sizes will now vary randomly and the bigger the asteroid, the more damage they deal to you. Player HP doesn't show yet.

Still no sound :p


SliderShooter.zip 10 MB