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Your charge(duty), is to charge(save energy) and CHARGE! (ATTACK!).

This is a game that is just meters and buttons. Instead of waiting for cooldowns or for your mana regen or something like that, you tap the main button to gain energy to do certain battle things. You can save your energy and you must distribute it as you wish. Increase your attack strength, bolster your defense, or increase your healing(recharge) capability.

Your enemy will do the same! just.. worse. enemy behaviors will be tweaked in the following days. There are 4 enemies each with their own behavior: bug, skeleton, golem, and shaman. The enemy is chosen at random when the game begins. There's no restart button nor enemy choose option yet.

I intend to add a few more graphics and a few more meters, but for now, meters and buttons. Some sounds and music would be nice also. A phone version will be made with a slightly different UI.

09Aug2015 Added functionality of hitting "r" to restart and potentially get a new enemy. Added a downloadable version.

08Nov2015 I changed how the defensive buttons work. Every 10 points, in a defensive stat will cause regeneration of armor. Added a Get Different Instance (GDI) button that does the same as pressing "R". There is now ONE (1) sound and a title menu. UI has been rearranged and there's now pause and unpause buttons.

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ChargeChoice 1.01.zip 10 MB
ChargeChoice 1.03.zip 10 MB